Saturday, March 3, 2018

Bedouin Culture Could Become Tourist Site

culture of borneoYoung People of the Valley Akhmad Kusaeni said Bedouin culture Kanekes located in the Village, District Leuwidamar Lebak, Banten can be used as a tourist site, thereby increasing revenue. “We have areas that could be used as a Bedouin attraction of world history and culture of indigenous people,” said News Director Housing LKBN Between Akhmad Anniversary Kusaeni while attending the Valley to 185 in Rangkasbitung on Monday.
He said the next government will build a tourist center Bedouin culture. There was built the infrastructure, hotels and trade centers, thus increasing revenue (PAD). Because the Valley has advantages compared to Singapore because there are Bedouins region.
So far, said Kusaeni, conservation Bedouin untapped region for tourism interests as Aboriginal in Australia, Amish in the United States, or parts Incha Manchu Pichu in Peru.
Building a Bedouin history into tourist attractions world not making it up. This can be attributed to the concept of conservation of the Sunda Strait Bridge (JSS).
If in Lampung Tambling built conservation areas, then we can ask for concessions to developing conservation JJS to wake the bedouin.
“I am well acquainted with the originator of JJS, I can help sambungin to convey this idea,” he said.
According Kusaeni, it all started with a dream and a dream that’s come true diihtiarkan. We must dare to dream, and dreams to be great. Do not half-half. If only the Wright brothers did not dream that man could fly like a bird, it is impossible to find an airplane.
If only the kings of Majapahit does not dream of having a monument that became their legacy, there can be no temple of Borobudur.
“Dream for all the good for the Valley, then it will happen. Jada wajadda Man,” he said.  He mentions, for all that can happen, the key is education. Imitate Japan.
When the atom bombs destroying Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Emperor of Japan’s first question was: “How many teachers are survivors, how many schools are not destroyed”?
It is a proof, that the emperor wanted to rebuild Japan from destruction through education.  And in a short time the Japanese managed to bounce back.
“We provide an appreciation of the Education Department of the Valley by opening new schools to improve human resources,” said Kusaeni. (*)