Saturday, March 3, 2018

Equator Borneo Epediton (BEE), An Unforgettable Experiences Ever Done

offroad east borneoBEE 2009 is an activity of extreme off-road adventure to explore the interior of Borneo forests explore equator (+ / – 1 degrees of the equator) for 14 days .The point of departure starting
from Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Central  Kalimantan into, and finish in Balikpapan, East  Kalimantan.With participants from Asia, Europe and Australia. Experiences that will not happen in life and a chance to get new friends in an adventure travel show with the theme: “The Environment Mutual Cooperation and Sportsmanship”

Including track ever planned in the Camel Trophy event which has twice been held in Borneo and the same team twice failed to pass the Camel Trophy.BEE 2009 is planned to pass through these pathways so that one of pride to be gained is able to penetrate the lane that has twice failed to pass teammates have asked raf inte rnasional and had such legendary Camel Trophy.
Sunday, December 6, 2009 , the group followed by 32 cars, a UTV and 6 trail bike, released by the police chief of West Kalimantan Regional Police Headquarters in the pages of West Kalimantan in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, at 09:00, from that group there are 6 people foreign nationals.Participants from Australia, a couple using the Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon, participants from the United States using UTV, participants from the UK using the bike trail, while from Italy and the Netherlands as the press and documentation.
BEE 2009 is an offroad adventure across all types of offroad terrain, tarmac, gravel, mud, rivers, ravines, derivative and very steep incline with a slope of nearly 80 degrees, ditch, V-groove, landslides, rock crawling, sand, floods .. you name it you got it .. : D. Sebagau record, the toughest terrain is a distance of 3 kilometers within almost 12 hours!.
Daily routine starts at 5 am, the team members together to share tasks and activities, bathing, preparing breakfast, check vehicles and equipment clean up all night like a veld-bed, “tent”, fly sheets and other supplies.07.00 dipimpim all gathered for a briefing by Syamsir Alam, briefing about the pathways and tatangan to be faced today, the approximate distance and a certain area suggestions for re-load supplies and fuel are usually when there is only one place to buy supplies or fuel.
n addition to conditions of extreme paths that make us spend all off-road capability and draining the team to overcome all obstacles, ..toughest challenge for me actually is a mental challenge ..facing natural conditions with high humidity, the weather is pretty extreme ..heavy rains at night and heat during the day, among other insects with the sheer number of small wasps are very numerous and happy sting day without a wasp sting, too small nocturnal mosquitoes that can penetrate the netting … the base camp area more often muddy and uncomfortable …
I am very fortunate to be able to follow this event, here I learned restraint, in collaboration with colleagues semobil as well as with other teams, ..trying to stay calm and keep trying when the vehicle is facing problems, ..Our vehicle had suddenly did not want to live at sunset in the woods alone while the teams ahead of us on more or less within 1 hour behind the team’s journey is about 1 / 2 day trip.Test guts indeed save battery (battery) all the lights we turn off ..Initially total darkness …only the visible sky forest canopy on the sidelines with a dark blue tinge, hearing becomes more sensitive to noise leaves scrape, animal sounds become more audible it feels very close around us.
After a while our eyes begin to adapt to the dark …trunks of trees and shrubs began to be seen or rather felt his presence …we waited until sunset through, about 7 pm to rely on each headlamp we try to fix the engine electrical system, after trying everything possible for approximately 1 hour the vehicle managed to live despite the ‘limp’ we force the vehicle to the base camp ..and arrived at base camp at half 10 and even then after after breaking down several times.

offroad east borneo
base camp where our vehicles can not be turned on until 2 pm The next day after briefing the entire vehicle in basecamp continue trip, ..Our vehicles can not be suddenly turned on …Yuma accompany some time although not too long and had to leave us to join his team, our own leave us ..One car Cherokee, a driver, a navigator and a mechanic ….while the closest team to be one day behind us.Soon we were trying to find and repair the damage, after analyzing one by one starting from the fuel system, mechanical and electronics we suspect there is damage to the system electronicnya ..ECU ( Electronic Computer Unit ) we exchange with a backup ..still can not live, ..Our sensors replace it with a new one by one ..CKP ( Crankshaft Position Sensor ) which reads angle crankshaft and diterukan to the PCM ( Powertrain Control Module ) to determine the ignition timing and injector spray chamber engine fuel, is the most difficult to replace because of its position that it is difficult to reach.
We menocba many times still will not turn on, we consult with a mechanic in Jakarta via satellite phone …again not long ago to speak a second pulse of our satellite phone out ..!!!after a loading-unloading my bag to find the pulse vocher bonus 100,000, immediately after recharging I contacted friends in Jakarta to recharge one of our satellite phone valued at 700,000, thanks friend for his help.We immediately consulted briefly with the mechanics in Jakarta to address the problem electrical vehicles.Our mechanic immediately tried to re-sort the stages of repair, while I was preparing lunch, ..after the break for a moment, a lunch and prayer we are trying to revive the vehicle ….ALIVE! ..soon we move on, although the cause of the failure of the system is not known with certainty.