Monday, March 5, 2018

Hornbills of borneo where the Dayak tribe lives

maritimeborneo.comHornbills of borneo all the forests on the island of Borneo, where the Dayak tribe lives. There are several species living in Borneo, among others Buceros rhinoceros and Buceros bicornis. Hornbill is a long-lived bird and faithful to his partner. As the female birds incubate the eggs, the male birds will roam the forest for food. The male then feeds the female bird that is laying the egg. A hornbill left behind by his partner, will not seek a new partner. Her loyalty and responsibility are considered to be an example in human life.

The Dayak people highly uphold the existence and life of the Birds of Hogs, because the Hogs are made as a symbol of greatness, peace and unity; so that in everyday life hornbills are always used in the form of sculptures, carvings, paintings, traditional clothes, traditional houses, village halls, monuments, gates, even used also in the graves.

Hollow birds perch on tall trees, before flying horns give a signal by making a loud noise. When it was on the hoist the wings of the horn sounded dramatic. This bird lives in groups of about 2 to 10 tails per tree. Sometimes birds fly together in amounts between 20-30 tail. The sound of this horn is very distinctive and loud as if calling his friend behind a shady tree. The egg season from April to July and the bigger birds help the adult male bird provide feeding for the female bird and its newly hatched children.

In the culture of the Dayak tribe of Kalimantan, hornbills have always been a part of it. The myths and stories behind hornbills vary in every area one of these myths says hornbills are the embodiment of the Commander of the Bird. Panglima Burung is a figure who lives in the hinterland of Kalimantan and is magical and will only be present during the war. Generally these birds are considered sacred and are not allowed to be hunted let alone eaten. If a hornbill is found dead, the body is not removed. The head is used for head decoration. The hornbill head frame will remain durable. This headwear should only be used by honorable people.