Saturday, March 3, 2018

Pull Travelers, Two Magnificent Betang the Dayak Be Built

House Betang” or Huma Betang.BetangGovernment District (Regency) Kotawaringin East (Kotim), Central Kalimantan (Kalimantan) is planning to build two original buildings Borneo namely “House Betang” or Huma Betang.Betang is planned to be in place in two locations namely abstainer Village, District and Village Rubung Mentaya Hulu Buyung Cempaga District. Betang house building designed by Regency is a magnificent building category, because for the construction of two of the Dayak longhouse is expected to spend up to billions of dollars.

”Yeah because it’s a bout dollars miliran large building with quality building materials,” said Head of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) District Candidates Kotim I Rangoon in Sampit, (5/1). 

Development funds was thought of by local funds. However disclosed Candidates, in making betang is not entirely to be charged on the budget Kotim. It also will hold a third-party investors that oil palm plantations that surround the location to participate and help development.”This has been discussed already there we will also help investors to fund the construction, so not all rely on the budget,” he said.
Candidates expressed, in both house design was designed Betang has four rooms below and ornaments thick interior of the Dayak. Betang house design is in such a way, he said, because the building was designed as an attraction tourist village at the two locations.The election of two villages, according to candidate background by the potential of natural and typical Dayak existing building at the site that can attract both for local residents and residents outside the area. It is also the government’s efforts to maintain a culture Kotim and introduced it to the wider audience.