Saturday, March 3, 2018

Railway for Coal Project at Central Borneo

Railway for Coal Project at Central BorneoIn the project corridor MP3EI Borneo, the government will build railroads transporting coal in Central Kalimantan. Central kalimantan governor
A Teras Narang explained later after rail construction project is completed, all coal companies in Central Kalimantan have to use the railways in the transportation and This will be realized in a Regulation (Regulation).
“We agree there is no means other than rail transport,” said Terrace in a press conference in Jakarta, Wednesday (11/30/2011). Furthermore, he explained, in the presence rail transportation is the transportation company will provide savings to the company. But when asked how much savings to be achieved he still can not answer.
“This we do not know, we calculate the first, but this is very, very significant savings and also there is no damage to roads and environmentally friendly,” he explained. He also said, in the presence of rail This is very advantageous because of the long distances and road transport or river water is not always friendly. “Land is not possible, and also there are natural constraints such as Barito river which flowed only four months of the year,” he concluded.