Saturday, March 3, 2018

River Side View Of Kampong Ayer Brunei With Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque

River Side View Of Kampong Ayer Brunei With Omar Ali Saifuddien MosqueKampong ayer in the area of Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei Darussalam, is the original settlement / typical traditional local residents. Called the ayer village, because almost all the residential area, including schools and other buildings located on the ayer. Includes “Gallery Culture and the resort of Kampong Ayer (Kampong Ayer Cultural and Tourism) “which contains a variety of different tourist souvenirs can be bought.

“All this area has never flooded here,” said the officer at the Arts Centre and Carpentry Brunei Darussalam, Hajjah Saidah (37), in talks with AFP. It is estimated, the ayer levels in the ayer village which is only two kilometers from the sea, ranging from four yards. In the dry season, according to local officials-engine boat, the height of the ayer, there is a decrease is only about one to two feet and do not impede ayer traffic. While in the dry season, continued Saidah, residential areas to local residents, no one ever touched the ayer.

” At the most right in front of the door, “he explained. The building in the village of ayer, is very different from residential buildings in South Sumatra Musi River. Settlements in the area of the Musi River, built with the condition can go up and down depending ayer level. While many buildings in the village of ayer, all make use of the foundation pile, so that the height of the building remains. However, due to fluctuations in the rise and fall of sea ayer, not too extreme, flooding almost never happens in the ayer village.

Tens of motorized boats and fro, bringing domestic tourists (wisdom) and foreign tourists, including about 200 poets from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Brunei Darussalam to attend the VAT IV. With motorized boats, the poets are crossing from the edge to the location of the Gallery of Culture and wayfaring Kampong Ayer, just look at or purchase a variety of different crafts that are sold. As revealed by the Joint VAT Setiausaha IV, Awang Mohd. Zefri Ariff, maintenance of village ayer into one of mainstay attractions in Brunei Darussalam, not loose with the history of the country of Brunei.

Awang Separations Betatar
In the history there is the embryo of the citizens of the first inhabitants of the village ayer Awang Betatar Separations, with a number of his brother build a house on the ayer in the region in 1300 BC. In a way, Awang Separations Betatar or Sultan Muhammad Shah married a daughter of origin Johor, Malaysia, and then I became Sultan in Brunei Darussalam. “If the citizens are now around 20,000 people, nearly all of them work as fishermen,” he explains.

Kampong ayer is divided into seven villages namely Sabam Bolkiah A, B Bolkiah, River Gardens, Tamoy, Lumapas and Bird Pungai. For completeness of the existence of the ayer village, the Government of Brunei Darussalam Arts Center building and Carpentry. Inside the building outside the village area of ayer, contains a variety of different native handicraft products of Brunei Darussalam. According to the duty officer Carpentry Arts Center and other crafts Siti Jelita Brunei original on display in the local building is divided into three types of fabrics, copper and silver.

River Side View Of Kampong Ayer Brunei With Omar Ali Saifuddien MosqueVarious handicrafts are quite interesting at the typical woven between Brunei Darussalam and skullcap. Cap on display starting cap army, police, immigration officers, the driver’s palace, which is not sold. While the price cap that can be purchased worth about 87 tourists around Rp560 thousand ringgit or more per cap. Cap that can be bought these tourists, the shape is not much different from the cap product Gresik, only thicker and smoother fabric. While the original woven Brunei the price could reach Rp 12 million per piece.

“Weaving is the name silubang bangsi (magic perforated) and the quality is good,” said Head of Information and Publication Center Language Ministry of National Education, Dad Murniah, who joined the troupe poet from Indonesia. Location of the ayer village, located on the outskirts of Bandar Seri Begawan and distance range of tens of kilometers from the location of the poets to stay either at the Grand City Hotel Bella Center Gallery is also located in the heart of Bandar Seri Begawan.