Saturday, March 3, 2018

Rumah Betang a “Dayak Borneo Traditional Long House”

Rumah Betang a “Dayak Borneo Traditional Long House”Rumah Betang “Betang House” Kalimantan is the typical traditional house found in various parts of Kalimantan, especially in upstream areas which usually becomes the center of the Dayak tribe settlements, where the river is the main transport pathway for the Dayak to perform a variety of mobility of everyday life like going to work to the fields where Dayak tribe fields are usually far from residential areas, or perform trade activities (the ancient Dayak tribes usually trade using the barter system with the mutual exchange of fields, orchards and livestock).

Rumah Betang “Betang House” forms and large houses will vary in different places.There are houses that reach lengths of Rumah Betang “Betang House” 150 meters wide and up to 30 meters.Rumah Betang “Betang House” Generally houses built in the form of a stage with a height of three to five feet off the ground.
Rumah Betang “Betang House” tall building, I expect to avoid flooding during the rainy season that threatened areas upriver in Borneo.Some residential units can have more than one Rumah Betang “Betang House” houses hanging fruit the size of the household members of the residential community.Each household (family) occupies the chamber (room) that the barriers of a large house the Rumah Betang “Betang House”, in addition to the general Dayak tribes also have single houses built temporarily to perform agricultural activities, it is because away distances between fields with the settlement.
More than a building for residential Dayak tribe, Rumah Betang “Betang House” actual house is the heart of the social structure of the life of the Dayak people.Rumah Betang “Betang House” culture is a reflection of the togetherness in the daily life of the Dayak people.Rumah Betang “Betang House” in the house is every individual’s life in households and communities are systematically arranged by mutual agreement set forth in the customary law.Common security, both from criminal interference or sharing food, the joys and sorrows as well as mobilization of manpower to work the fields.
The main value that stands out in his home life is the value of togetherness Rumah Betang “Betang House” (communalism) among the citizens who inhabit it, regardless of the differences they have.From here we learn that the Dayak tribe is a tribe that respects difference.Appreciate the differences in ethnic Dayak tribe, religion or social background.