Saturday, March 3, 2018

Sabah Amazing Tour, from Kinabalu to Sipadan Island of Malaysia’s state successfully manage its natural resources to gain foreign exchange.The beauty of tourism in Sabah admirable.”That was my first impression on arrival at Kinabalu International Airport. The city has a population of about two thousand people in 2008 was able to embrace the foreign tourists, two million more. They come to enjoy the panoramic beauty of nature.

Atmosphere Kota Kinabalu itself looks clean with a beautiful city park.The traffic was too orderly, not jammed, and invisible street hawkers (street vendors) like in Indonesia.Special street vendors, government localize along the Kota Kinabalu Gaya Street in midtown.
Sabah’s natural attractions in the majority relies does have a natural tourist panorama sold.Start the panorama of nature such as protected forests of Mount Kinabalu National Park, coastal and marine tourism in Manukan and Sipadan Island.”Leading our tour is selling natural scenery,” said David Michael, from the STB.
Other popular attractions tourists like river rafting in Kiulu.Or watching an ape play boy tour probocis monkey in mangrove forest area Klias River, about 2 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu.Travelers who like to see the collection of forest plants can come to Kinabalu Botanical Garden which has a collection of thousands of tropical forest plants.
An area of ​​754 sq km is saving flora and fauna typical of tropical forests.From here visitors can begin the climb to Lows Peak, the summit of Mount Kinabalu with a height of 4095 meters.
For those who like to tour the plantation can be visited Sabah Tea Garden, witnessed the process of making tea naturally without chemicals.This tea garden and the cool air has a panoramic view of nature that is great for refreshing unwind.In these places also provide lodging houses on stilts, typical of traditional hill tribe house.
“For the more adventurous travelers, staying at home was very exciting stage.’s Why the atmosphere is deliberately contrived as natural as possible in the mountains,” said Maliden Giking, guiding travelers.