Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Weapons Of The Dayak Borneo Tribe

Weapons of Dayak tribes such as mandau, lonjo, chopsticks are well known and have their own power value. There are many reasons why the Dayaks are feared. One of them is because of the typical weapons they have. Dayak tribe is clearly a name that will immediately appear. It is undeniable that the Bornean inhabitants are frightening and extraordinary. History has proven through the cries of the Dutch soldiers who were fried by them when disturbing Borneo. 

1.         Mandau
Mandau Is the main weapon and is a hereditary weapon that is considered sacred. The shape is long and there is always a good carving mark in the form of inlay or just a regular carving. Mandau is made of stone mountain, embroidered, carved with gold / silver / copper and decorated with bird feathers or human hair. Rocks that are often used as the basic ingredients Mandau making in the past which has been: Stone Sanaman Mantikei, Stone Mujat or Tengger Stone, Stone Montalat.

maritimeborneo.com2.         Sumpit / chopsticks

This weapon is long with a hole in the middle. Like a shotgun, this chopstick is used for firing the needles. Chopsticks are only from breath. Nevertheless, do not be underestimated because the speed of the bullet can match the rifle. Not to mention the needles were spiked with a vicious poison that made his victims would not breathe in a relatively quick time.

maritimeborneo.com3.         Lonjo

Lonjo Made of iron and installed or tied with woven rattan and stemmed from bamboo or hardwood. Lonjo is divided into spear eyes and also the handle. For the handle, usually wearing special wood and have some decoration. Lonjo's use of these kinds, ranging from hunting to battle.
4.         Telawang

Telawang Made of light wood, but clay. Size length 1 - 2 meters with width 30 - 50 cm. The outside is carved or painted and has a certain meaning. Inside is a place where the handle.