Saturday, March 3, 2018

Visit For Dayak Basap Tribe of West Borneo

Again my journey times in the meet which surprises unexpected. At first I visited Bay Donate just want to see the scenery waterfall So’om, but I had the opportunity to meet with tribal village discordant bay, called the Dayak tribe Basap.
dayak borneo house
Basap Dayak tribe has physical traits were stature, brown skin and slightly slanted eyes, but similar rates Basap Iban tribe that lived in West Kalimantan. They reportedly lived in Bukit Hantu but where exactly was well known. However, not all live isolated. Some residents Basap has gone down the mountain and establish relations with the outside community. They are said to frequently exchange of foodstuffs. To find the salt they have a difficult journey. Maybe that’s why they eventually come out of the cave and approached the residents.
In the Gulf Donate government has made settlement for the Dayak Basap, there are about 44 head of the family who settled there, but not all settled, sometimes they still choose to live in the mountains and in the middle of the woods, only occasionally visited these settlements.
Since the first Basap people living with land in the forest and hunt animals. They are skilled hunters. Their weapons are just a piece chopsticks are called called suputan that looks like a spear. Chopsticks made of ironwood is approximately 2.5 meters in length, while the eyes chopsticks or telo only 10 centimeters. At the end of the telo applied ito (a type of plant sap is very poisonous). And this poison is so hard, so that in five minutes the prey is dead. Suputan which weighs two pounds, in the hands of men Basap turned into an awesome weapon. Only with one hand and mouth blown assisted strength, they can aim it at a target telo loc ated tens of meters in front of him.