Saturday, March 3, 2018

World Lung beauty in Central Kalimantan

tanjung pinang national parkWith the vast rain forest, the island of Borneo called lungs of the world. Especially Central Kalimantan, which is the second largest province in the island. Almost the entire region enclosed tropical jungle. Most of its territory is mountainous, while others surrounded mature trees and diverse wildlife.Its capital Palangkaraya, as quoted from Burufly, in Palangkaraya Dayak language means the container and means sacred feast. 

Kahajan across the city, as the main transport pathway from the past. Leads to the upstream in Bukit Rawi, north of Palangkaraya, there are antique buildings and Sapunduk brisket. Sandung a wooden structure
where ashes are stored. While Sapunduk is a statue that serves as the pillar where residents tether cows or buffaloes during the ceremony.
The majority of Dayak tribes in Central Kalimantan are clumps Ngaju, Ot Danum and Ma’ayan.Most still adhere Kaharingan, an ancient belief held hereditary.
They live in the house betang. Shape and size in accordance with the lifestyle of the Dayak tribes like the communal life with family and tribal members.
Pillar high betang protect them from disturbance of forest animals. Length between 30 and 100 meters. Betang symbolizes harmony, unity, and justice. Made of iron and wood palm leaf roof, houses a strong and durable has largely been inhabited for generations.
Located along the river Kahayan, Tangkiling National Park is home to several endangered species such as orangutans and leopards. Also drained by a river and surrounded Rungan Katingan and very dense forest, Tangkiling National Park has all desired by lovers of outdoor adventure.
Other gems are Kualakapuas located at the mouth of the Kapuas river, where Telo island inhabited by fishermen. Malawen lake near Buntok also attractive for fishing activities. There Teweh Estuary in North Barito regency operate small aircraft sufficient to connect remote areas with other cities.
The city is the home of Suropati Hero, warrior and one of the heads of the most respected Dayak tribe. Longhouse in Kunut Orung Apat Paraci and very interesting to visit. Visit the Citadel also in Joyless Yellow Rice.
The small town Pangkalanbun, Pangkalanbun now quite busy as a transit land, water and air towards the central region of Kalimantan. A time to come to the Palace Pangkalanbun. This 200 year old building entirely made of ironwood and once occupied by the royal family Banjar.

To reach Tanjung Puting National Park, where Camp Leakey is, Pangkalanbun is the best place.Camp Leakey is a lowland area with forests and swamps. Endemic animal shelter diverse ranging from orangutans, gibbons, gibbons, wild monkeys, proboscis monkeys and various species of birds such as eagles and hornbills, who all live in freedom in Tanjung Puting.
Following from the port of Kumai river to explore the spectacular scenery. If lucky, you can
meet directly with river dolphins that were playing water.