Sunday, June 24, 2018

how to feed a lovebird. Milet nitro the best feed for lovebird

Keeping lovebird birds is a fun hobby, it can make our day more beautiful. The beauty of lovebird birds lies in colorful fur color, as well as adorable sounds and behavior.

Keeping the lovebird is basically very easy, because he does not need extra care to live. But we must pay attention to the feed given, the nutrients absorbed by the lobird body must be good and sufficient for the metabolism process.

Lovebirds are seed-eating birds, so the basic feed needed is milette seeds, walnut seeds, sunflower seeds. In addition additional feeds are also needed lovebird such as corn, apples, and mustard leaves.

Some basic feeds such as milet contain:
• Calories 286 kilocalories
• 57 grams of carbohydrate
• Fats total 2.4 grams
• Weak saturated 0.4 grams
 • Sodium 5 mg • Monounsaturated fats 0.4 g
 • Thiamin 0.3 mg
• Polyunsaturated Fat 1.2 g
• Niacin 3.2 g
• 3.1 g fiber
• 106 mg magnesium
• Protein 8 g
• Zinc 2.2 mg

From the data taken from it is found that only giving the milets lovebird can live, but there are some additional intake that is mixed into the milet so that the mineral needs for lovebird can be fulfilled. We have tried to meriview one of the nice concoction milet and proven to boost the power of lovebird just by giving seeds milet.

Nitro Milet is well known and widely used for lovebird feed by lovebird lovers in Indonesia, the mixture of minerals contained in the nitro nitrile can provide extra power for lovebird so that lovebird is able to release its best chirping, besides the minerals contained in the nitro nitret able to make the color on the fur lovebird becomes brighter. Highly recommended to try the nitro milet on our beloved lovebird.

Nitro milets are made from a mixture of several ingredients: white milets, red milets, and canary seeds. Besides, the nitro milettes are also processed by mixing some natural herbs that work to improve lovebird metabolism.

 In general the effects of using milet nitro are : 

1. Lovebird so active.
2. The lovebird stamina increases
3.Launch Body Metabolism.
4.Suitable for a lovebird daily feed
5.For feed preparation ahead of the race